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Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) is the masterclass in solar engineering and is seen as one of the major tracks for a successful solar energy revolution. By implementing photovoltaics into a building, the solar panel emerges from a pure energy source to an integral part of the building structure with multiple use. BIPV has the potential to reduce costs through replacement of building materials and increases the value of the real estate by generating electricity and enhance the optics. We as Habemax believe strongly in the potential of BIPV and therefore we developed our HABEMAX Box to help BIPV module manufacturers with their products at their customers.


To enable an architectural integrated solar panel appearance, it is necessary that all necessary engineering parts of the solar modules are hidden. Most critical to hide are all electrical parts like cables and junction boxes. The engineers of HABEMAX designed the smallest junction box for BIPV applications, the HABEMAX BOX, which enables installers to hide the BIPV-Modules in all commonly used storefront facade systems or any other building integration concepts without additional adjustments or constructions. The HABEMAX BOX is a tiny edge connector for all BIPV applications like facades, roofs, overhead installation like skylight, pv windows, shading elements as well as barrier applications.


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The HABEMAX Box is not a typical edge connector. It is the smallest possible BIPV junction box in the market. While the HABEMAX Box will slightly change the way of assembling J-boxes on to BIPV modules it will be revolutionary on each installation and construction site. Due to its size, no further adjustment or additional construction work will be necessary to hide all electrical components of BIPV module installation. The j-box is applied during lamination and cables and connectors are just applied to the finished laminate. HABEMAX engineers utilize their 15 years of experience in BIPV module design and engineering as well as the exclusive materials in the HABEMAX Box to give BIPV modules the necessary safety and reliability.
Engineered simplicity – HABEMAX Box.


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About us

HABEMAX is an Austrian based company with its headquarters in Vienna. The HABEMAX BOX is produced in Austria and all rawmaterials are sourced with the European Union. Over 15 years of experience in BIPV module manufacturing and design as well as a strong network within the BIPV community guarantee the high standards of component manufacturing and design. HABEMAX was founded in 2021 with the aim to become a major player in the BIPV sector.

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